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Meet The Outsiders Meet The Outsiders

  • Elvis Armijo

    Elvis Armijo

  • Father Santos Moreno

    Father Santos Moreno

  • Jenny Mcnally

    Jenny Mcnally

  • Marya Tyche

    Marya Tyche

  • Modesto Houghlin

    Modesto Houghlin

  • Mr. Xiang

    Mr. Xiang

  • Zachary Noonan

    Zachary Noonan

Meet The Outsiders

Marya Tyche

Marya Tyche

Owner and CEO of Tyche Distributing, the largest liquor provider in the region. Marya is the

third generation of the Tyche family to hold the top position in the company. Tyche serves on

numerous boards and is involved in various philanthropic efforts in the community. She is

currently under investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for court sealed

infractions. Tyche has adamantly denied the ATF allegations.!

Meet The Outsiders

Zachary Noonan

Zachary Noonan

A native of San Destino, Zachary is the manager of the El Madrid Bar a much loved, family

owned and operated institution in town. The El Madrid is a quintessential ‘Mom and Pop’

gathering spot in San Destino. Zach and the Noonan Family were some of the first to provide

aid to the community during the unexplained water contamination outbreak last year. Mom

Noonan is well known for her mentoring at risk children in community.